The bright pink geyser (copyright 2007)

The bright pink geyser


I woke up the next morning,

and you were the only thing that I could think about,

because I really don’t want to forget,

the experience that I had last night.

We sat infront of a lake,

at night,

all alone in the park.

The park had a sprinkler system in the middle,

that shot out a bright pink stream

that sprinkled into tiny raindrops that hit the water,

which caused a beautiful wave ripple effect,

that slowly came in our direction.

Then I found a rose.

I threw the petals into the water.

We watched as it slowly drifted away,

and as it did, I looked at you.

And you looked at me.

You gave me a shy, innocent look.

That was the moment.

I started to kiss you softly,

and you slowly kissed me back.

That was the most romantic scene.

Under the moon,

infront of a lake.

With a bright pink geyser.

Everything else around us was silent.

Except the sound of the sprinkling water.

It sounded like tiny raindrops.

You could hear it internally.

So the next morning I called you,

with butterflies in my stomach.

And I told you that I loved you.

And that I wanted to be with you forever.

I think about that moment, even to this day.

It’s etched permanently in my mind.

So that night, is a night that I’ll always remember,

because that’s when i fell in love with you,

kissing you under a bright pink stream.


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