In the shade (copyright 2006)

In the Shade

Over here it feels so hot,

so let’s head to the shade.

Maybe it can give us comfort.

Because as I get closer the heat begins to fade.

Let’s stand in the shade.

It’s right beneath those trees.

Because there I can sit and relax,

and pay close attention to the summer breeze.

The shade and the wind causes the trees to tremble,

then the leaves start to fall.

They all seem to be affected,

from the tallest to the very small.

Whenever I sit in the shade,

I forget about the world’s pressures.

By focusing on what really matters,

I can escape the misery of the hot weather.

I can’t explain how it feels.

I can’t really put it into words.

I run to the shade whenever I see it.

Some think that I’m crazy and delusional. 

I’d rather relax and sit here,

and listen to the singing birds.

Because in the shade I not only hear them,

but I understand their words.

If I could escape reality,

and sit here for the rest of my life,

I would do it without thinking, 

I wouldn’t hesitate or think twice.

It’s so good sitting here.

All alone in the shade.

The feeling of the summer breeze cuts you,

like having to play a spade.

After a few short hours,

and especially on sunny days,

you can tell that the earth’s moving,

because the shade disappears and goes away.

So I look forward to tomorrow,

and hope that it doesn’t rain.

Because the shade keeps me humble,

it’s the only thing that keeps me sane.






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