Natures Comparison (Copyright 2008)

Natures Comparison



She was innocent,

and full of glamour.

As defined as a sculpture,

or a painting done on canvas.

She looked more like the sky,

as it changes color when it snows,

or the human response to rain,

as it hits you when it’s cold.

Her eyes were wide and bright,

sort of like an illuminating torch,

or the sunrise that touches a landscape,

when all that’s seen is a white horse.

Her eyes twinkled infront of me,

similar to a distant constellation.

For a moment I had no attention span,

because I’d lost my concentration.

Her skin tone reminded me,

of what soda ash does to liquid,

or the sight of the ocean in the summer,

or winter lakes where everything’s suspended,

and frozen into cryogenics.

Helplessly animated.

The sight made me want to kiss her;

I was mesmerized and sedated.

She filled me with an uncontrollable desire,

that set off so many emotions,

that caused me to compare her,

to everything on land and in the ocean.

I saw her in a fibrous root,

a tree branch, a singing bird.

A school of dolphins, a tulip,

a pre-american buffalo herd.

You remind me of everything that’s visible.

Because your everything in nature.

Your natures most beautiful thing.


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