“Things used to craft a masterpiece” (Copyright 2009)

Things used to craft a masterpiece


You’re a perfect creation-a masterpiece.

One of God’s finest works.

But what else did he use besides dust?

Here’s what I found out…


The sound of her voice,

resembled a flute; harmonious.

Or the singing of morning birds,

a blue jay’s hymn.


When she smiles,

her lips arch like a rainbow.

Or the flow of water,

springing from a fountain gracefully.


The color of her hair,

is like dark walnut laminate.

Or the tone of a fish,

after it’s been fried crisp brown.


She’s carved like a sculpture; an hourglass.

Shaped like the number between seven and nine.

A work of art.

A relic that should forever be on display.


Your beauty is timeless.

Like the Ecclesiastes of Solomon,

or Beethoven’s rare sound-classical.

You’ve shown me the mean on forever.


….These are the things that God used to craft a masterpiece.

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