“I heard a butterfly whisper” (Copyright 2006)

“I heard a butterfly whisper”


Sometimes I run in the field,

and I can hear someone call my name.

But when I look, no one is there.

The only thing that I can see is a beautiful landscape,

black horses, and yellow butterflies.

But no voices.

But every time I run in this particular field,

I can hear voices in my right ear.

But when I turn around,

I see a group of butterflies,

which transforms me into a sight seer. 

The beauty of this landscape,

is emphasized,

when I see this flock of yellow butterflies and black horses. 

Plus the grass is greenly fertilized.

But why do I hear these voices?

Especially when I run through this field.

And what’s up with these yellow butterflies,

that follow me,

but when I look in their direction,

they fly the other way.

So I left the field.

Never to go back.

I told my friends about it.

They told me that there wasn’t any yellow butterflies,

or black horses.

They said that the grass was yellow and weedy.

Infested with insects.

Which contrasts what I saw.

But after a month’s time,

I decided to go back.

And the field was just the way as I left it.

My friends told me that I was insane.

When I returned,

I saw the black horses,

running through the field.

A row of red tulips caught my eyes.

Then all of a sudden came the voices.

Accompanied by the yellow butterflies.

I heard laughter.

I heard someone whisper my name.

I felt peace.

I felt nirvana.

I heard a butterfly whisper


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