“Come Closer” (Copyright 2005)

Come Closer

I think that you are,

the most beautiful woman,

that I’ve ever seen.

In love I no longer doubt,

I have faith and I believe.

You make me want to stand up,

and lead an Exodus like Moses.

Whenever you walk by me,

I smell the scent of fresh roses.

Can I touch you?

Can I kiss you?

Can we argue and fight?

Then make up and say, “I miss you.”

Let’s stand in the rain,

and watch the sun’s rays form the rainbow.

Because when I’m with you it’s like heaven,

because we both have wings and halo’s.

They say that you should never stop dreaming,

because sometimes dreams come true.

I never believed in love,

until I found you.

I’m so glad that we are together.

You’ve turned me into a boaster.

You are my special woman,

Don’t be scared come closer.


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